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Index Sciathericus is an index of articles about sundials and dialing, as published in The Compendium, journal of the North American Sundial Society, and the Bulletin of the British Sundial Society (and, I hope, others to come). For a thorough search of peer-reviewed journals and other recognized sources of scholarly literature, try also Google Scholar or Microsoft Academic; for general material and web pages, use your favorite search engine.

In most cases, Index Sciathericus does not offer online access to the articles themselves. A clickable 💾 icon is shown if an article can be downloaded from here, and a clickable 🔗 icon is used for a link to the article on another website; in any other case, refer to your subscription copy of the publication or contact the publisher to purchase it.

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The index database and website are provided by Steve Lelievre. NASS' and BSS' assistance is gratefully acknowledged. Brian Albinson contributed to the preparation of article metadata. Brian Albinson, Bob Kellogg, Frank King, Mark Montgomery, Fred Sawyer, and John Schilke have provided helpful general advice.

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