Foster-Lambert 'Hours To Sunset' dial

An Italian Hours dial with numbers reversed

LatitudeLatitude as decimal degrees in the range -60 (South) to 60 (North).
LongitudeLongitude as decimal degrees in the range -180 (West) to 180 (East). This is used for calculating daily declinations. If not given, the Greenwhich meridian, 0°, will be used; only very minor discrepancies arising from doing so.
PlaceName of town or other place to be written on the dial plate. If you leave this blank, the latitude will be printed instead.
ThicknessThickness of the material used to make movable ring of Hour Points. Units are millimetres, in the range 0 (default) to 13. This corresponds to the height of the true (mathematical) dial face above the physical dial plate.

Some General Notes


Photos of Foster Lambert Sundial

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