The following graphs are available:

For locations north of the equator, the graphs are laid out for a south-facing view with the plot drawn from left to right (sun progressing clockwise) as the day proceeds. For the southern hemisphere, the sitation is reversed. You are given a north-facing view, with the plot drawn from right ot left (sun progressing anti-clockwise) as a day goes by.

The thin straight magenta lines on the Azimuth-Hour Agle graph represent sunrise and sunset.

When you view any of the graphs, you will be promoted to allow your browser to gather location information. This information is processed in locally in your computer's web browser only; no location information is transmitted to my web server.

It may take many seconds for the browser to determine your location, and during this time the webpage will be blank. If the graph is not displayed even after about 20 seconds, try refreshing. If that doesn't work either, I suggest you navigate away from the page and come back to it a few minutes later.

The webpages are intended to give you graphs for your current location - which should be okay for 99.9% of use - but if you really want, you can use diagnostic mode to get plots for other locations: add ?±nn.nn to the end of the page URL and refresh the page, where ±nn.nn is the required latitude.

This website does not carry out any logging or tracking of your visits or activity on the site.